Carpet Cleaning

Residential-Carpet-cleaning-4Baker Cleaning Service will treat your carpets and clean them with our steam and agitator treatment.

We don’t just use steam, the carpet is agitated to loosen up debris and dirt within your carpets.

Cleaning your carpets will help to get out any stains and spots that have accumulated over time.  In addition, cleaning your carpets regular by using Baker Cleaning Service will increase the lifespan of your carpeting – reducing the costs for labor and replacement by getting more life out of your carpet.

Baker Cleaning Service uses the “hot water extraction” technique, which is done through the use of our heated steam cleaning systems.  Hot water and cleaning detergent is sprayed from our cleaning equipment, agitated within the carpet to loosen stains, and sucked back into our cleaning equipment to remove it from the carpet.

Inquire with Baker Cleaning Service today for an estimate to clean your carpets!