Office Cleaning

Baker Cleaning Service provides commercial janitorial and office cleaning services in the Goldsboro area.

We can accommodate any cleaning schedule that will fit your needs whether it be day or nightly cleanings.

We offer daily, weekly or monthly cleaning schedules.





Sweep and mop lobby and employee entrance.

Dust all tile floors, using chemically treated mops.

All ceramic tile and other non-waxed flooring to be swept and washed.

Vacuum all carpets, moving all light furniture other than desks and file cabinets.



Wash and clean entrance doors.

Empty all wastepaper baskets, receptacles, etc.

Remove wastepaper and waste materials to a designated area on the premises.

Interiors of all waste disposal cans and baskets will be kept clean using plastic liners.

Dust venetian blinds, as needed.

Hand dust and wipe clean all furniture, desks and windowsills.

Dust all picture frames and similarwall hangings not reached in nightly cleaning.

Remove all fingerprints, smudges and other marks from doors, metal partitions, glass partitions and other surfaces.

All door louvers and other ventilating louvers within reach, to be hand dusted, rotating monthly.

All water coolers to be dusted.

All bright work to be wiped clean.

High dusting. ceiling Fans etc…



All lavatories to be swept and washed with a disinfectant.

All mirrors, shelves, bright work and enamel surfaces in lavatories to be cleaned.

All basins, bowls and urinals to be disinfected and scour-washed.

Keep all lavatory partitions, tile walls, dispensers and receptacles in a clean condition using disinfectant.

Empty and clean paper towel and sanitary disposable receptacles.

Fill toilet tissue holders, soap dispensers, towel dispensers and sanitary napkins.

All toiletries to be provided by Office.


Upon completion of nightly chores, all lights shall be turned off, windows closed, doors

locked, alarms set  and premises left in a neat and orderly manner.


Window Cleaning Available !window-cleaning