Pressure Washing

Baker Cleaning Service provides Commercial and Residential exterior cleaning in Goldsboro and surrounding areas.

We offer different cleaning systems based on your needs.

Soft Wash System

Pressure Washing System

Hot Water System

Concrete Cleaning System

Soft Wash System – Is a low pressure high flow cleaning system using less than 800 psi and up to 8 gpm of water flow.This system is the safest way to clean most buildings and houses as well as wood surfaces such as decks and porches. The low pressure causes no damage to window screens or painted surfaces as well as not forcing water behind siding or through weather stripping and seals.

Pressure Washing System – Is a high pressure cleaning system using up to 4000 psi and 8 gpm.
This system is used mostly on brick and concrete surfaces or badly stained areas.

Hot Water System – Is a high heat cleaning system sometimes called steam cleaning.We can utilize heat up to 280 degrees and up to 4000 psi and 4 gpm of flow.
This system is best used for gum spots,oil stains and paint removal.

Concrete Cleaning System – We utilize special equipment when cleaning concrete areas.
They are designed to clean without leaving lines or streaks in concrete areas.
We use this system to clean Driveways,Sidewalks,Patios and any other concrete areas.


Rust Removal Services

Do you have rust or battery acid stains on your driveway, patio, or other concrete slabs?

Baker Cleaning Service is an authorized F9 applicator with the techniques and equipment required to remove these tough stains.

Rust is a normal stain that occurs on concrete where there is heavy equipment or steel machinery. Even fertilizers can cause stains!

F91Baker Cleaning Service uses the F9 Battery Acid Restoration Cleaner (F9 BARC) which is guaranteed to remove the stains on your concrete. That includes rust, orange battery acid stains, and fertilizer stains.

The F9 BARC cleaner is also safe for concrete and will not damage the surface. No discoloration – just stain removal to make your concrete look like it should!

Call us today at (919-273-6533) to find out how we can help remove concrete stains and make your surface look like new.